A Special Message About CEA-R Activities

Hello, we are getting questions about signing up for activities in the new brochure with the covid-19 lurking in our lives.  We have been asked if we should sign up for activities in the new brochure due to the uncertainties.  Our thoughts are that no one knows the future.  Will this virus disappear as quickly as it came or will it linger for a long time?  We don’t think that answer lies with anyone at this point.

Suggestion: Go ahead and sign up for any of the activities that you would like to participate in.  The committee will be monitoring the events as we go along.  Just like Moonlight and Magnolias as well as Cyber Security you will be notified of any cancellations and your check will be shredded.  The most you will be out is a paper check and 50¢ postage (less if you mail in more than one reservation at one time).

The one trip, “Sweet Tooth Tour”, will be cancelled.  We had two delays in getting the new brochure to you and we won’t have enough time to meet the quota needed by the deadline.  That is the only cancellation in the new brochure at the present time.

Best regards.
Jeanne Stoll, Reservationist CEA-R

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