Intern Supervisor Needed

Hello! I am a program manager in English Education at OSU, and I work each year with our intern teachers. This year, we are in need of an experienced educator to help with supervision. The job of a supervisor is to observe interns as they work in their placement classrooms, support and facilitate the relationships with the Mentor Teachers, and lead regular check-ins (generally every other week or so) with their interns. These can be held on campus; but we’ve also had supervisors hold them off campus if they choose – in a coffee shop, library, or more convenient location. It’s a less “structured” job than teaching a regular class, which allows people to do other things and have some autonomy to fit the job to their schedules. I know this is short notice, given that we start back in just a few weeks, but I’m wondering if any of your retired members with ELA education experience would be interested in this work? We have a wonderful group of faculty and graduate students.  If there is interest, I’d be more than happy to chat by email or phone to answer any questions as well (614-688-3407).  Thank you so much for considering this. All the best,Jenell Igeleke Penn

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